Thursday, June 30, 2011

Venice, Florence and Elba

It's Thursday night and it's been a busy couple of days!!! We left our incredible Venice hotel yesterday after oversleeping until almost noon! We rushed around, showered, packed and headed to Venice Lunch was enjoyed in a waterside cafe, I had a margarita pizza and Krystal had grilled prawns. San Marco's piazza area was totally crowded with tourists. Many cruise ships dock here.
The main excuse for this trip was the Binnale in Venice, which is a popular international art show. We walked down to it but didn't have time to see it! Our train was departing Venice for Florence at 3:30. We hurried back to our hotel by boat to get our luggage and then took a water taxi to the terminal. We loved Venice and hated to leave so quickly but fun and friends await us in Florence!
We boarded our Eurostar train and sat next to a couple who were arguing terribly, sadly they were Americans. They either fought the whole time or wouldn't speak to each other. We and a nice trip other then that. We arrived in Florence at 5:30pm, got a taxi to Jackie and Tom's apartment. Jackie had cocktails and snacks for us on their beautiful balcony. Their 3 bedroom apartment was in a lovely and centrally located area in Florence. Jackie had been teaching a group of Drury students for a month in Florence. This was their last night there.
We enjoyed a wonderful dinner by the Arno River and headed to bed.
Krystal and I were up at 6:30 for a brisk walk up into the wooded hills above Florence, met Jackie for coffee and showered and packed up. Our bus was scheduled to depart at 10:00 am. We were heading to Elba, which is a gorgeous island off the coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. We rode on a ferry to get across.
We had a delicious fresh fish lunch by the sea and did some sightseeing and shopping afterward. I was supposed to leave tomorrow to go to Pisa to spend the night and meet up with Megan on .Saturday but really wanted to spend more time here in Elba with my friends. thanks for Debbie, she was able to get me a flight out of here Saturday morning and still get to Barcelona in time.
I know we will have a great time tomorrow scouting out great and fun places on Elba.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We landed in Rome yesterday and checked into our lovely hotel, the Westin. It's in a wonderful are. On put on our walking shoes and out we went to explore. Saw many wonderful sights and had pizza for lunch! Freshened up and went to the top of the Hotel Eden for cocktails. Great views. Walked around this wonderful city and enjoyed a dinner in a little cafe. We split an Argula salad and some Spaghetti Pomodore.
We crashed and slept about 10 hours. Up at 8:30 for a brisk walk around the Borghese Gardens. We don't stay too long in any one place so off we went to the train station for our trip to Venice.
I am in love with Venice!!! Debbie, our travel expert got us a room we could almost afford at the Hotel Cipriani. I don't think I can leave.....
We enjoyed a cocktail at the pool and really wanted to see George Clooney! They even have a drink named after him but no such luck. Took the cute little teak boat to san Marco Piazza and walked around the designer shops, good thing they were closed for the evening. We happened upon a little cafe and enjoyed a delicious dinner and a whole bottle of Pinot Grigio. We sat next to a cute family who had been traveling all over the world for 3 months. They are keeping a blog They are at the end of their journey.
It's almost 1 am so I think I'll call it a night. Maybe tomorrow I can figure how to post photos from my iPad!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Adventure

I'm off to Rome today with a fun girlfriend, Krystal Compas.  We will spend a week together in Italy and meet up with Jackie and Tom in Florence.  Then I will fly to Barcelona to see Prettiest Megs (her Dad's nickname for her).  She wants to study in Spain next spring semester or we are going to check it out.  I'll try and post occasionally on my trip.