Sunday, July 10, 2011

Great to be home!

Megan and I met in Barcelona and had a fun time there. It's a beautiful city and we walked our way through it.  We loved our little modern hotel which was located on a great street for walking and shopping.  We ate at a lovely seafood restaurant by the water and had Paella.  It was very good. On our second day there we were sitting on a short wall watching the sea and the sun bathers.  Megan had her new Iphone right next to her.  Some guy came on the other side of me and started talking in another language.  That distracted us and his partner swiped Megan's phone before we knew what had happened.  We had ready about Barcelona having lots of theft and were disappointed that it happened to us. 
We met up with Kate Mattox for dessert and champagne.  Kate is studying in Barcelona for one month this summer and has had a great experience. 
We left early the next morning to fly to Granada.  We loved it there.  It's a charming but very busy city.  They have wonderful sights to see.  We especially enjoyed Alhambra and had dinner at a wonderful restaurant that looks right on it.  We got to see the evening light on it and also the lovely glow from their lights that shine on it.  It's a very old fortress and castle.  We couldn't get tickets to see it all but did get to go there the next morning and tour the gardens and they were fantastic. 
We were off to Seville the next day by train.  We arrived there and just about died from the heat.  It was at least 100 degrees. We decided to take a siesta in our air conditioned hotel room and wait for it to cool off.  Later that evening we went to a club for a traditional Flamenco show.  It was fun with lots of stomping and hand clapping.  After the show we walked around an area on the other side of the river which was not scary but not very interesting either.  We then took a taxi to a better area and walked around there for awhile. 
We loved all the hotels Debbie Fremerman and Megan sought out for us.  We spent quite a bit of time in our's in Seville to avoid the heat.  Megan had quickly decided that she didn't want to study in this city.  It's fairly large and just too hot.  It didn't have the beauty of Granada either.   We spent another day and night there and were excited to get to Salamanca. 
Salamanca is located a little north of Madrid so we took the fast train to Madrid and transferred to a different station for our train to Salamanca.  Thank goodness for youth.  Megan is able to figure out the transportation quickly and she also has a great sense of direction.  I was mostly lost the whole time I was there. 
After a 2 and 1/2 hour train we arrived in Salamanca.  Megan's high school Spanish teacher had recommended this city to her. She had gotten her masters in Spanish there and loved it.  We loved the wonderful cooler temperatures right away.  It's a nice size town and very safe.  Megan got to meet some of the staff members of the school and was very impressed with them.  We were so glad that we had gotten to see it.  She has decided that this is the best place for her. 
Another train ride took us back to Madrid for our last night in Spain.  It's another beautiful city and we had a great dinner in a charming little neighborhood cafe.  
We had a wonderful but long trip home.  The dogs were very happy to see us and we are thrilled to be back home after a great trip. 


  1. I have so enjoyed hearing about your wonderful trip! So glad you are home safe and sound and it sounds like Megan has found a good place to study.

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